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Updated on Wednesday, September 9


OMG: Recently graduated from a relatively professional co-op program from UW, still can't find a job. I've always felt that this could happened, but nothing could prepare myself for this depressive, dark, haunting feeling that I will make nothing out of my life. Seeing that pretty much all my peers have found jobs, with some already securing above junior positions before even graduating doesn't help either. Anyone else experiencing/experienced this? Any advice?


  1. What program was it?

  2. Don't worry, OP, it's a normal feeling.

    Myself, I've had 6 co-op terms.

    Most of my places either unrelated to my field, closed down, or have had major layoffs.

    At the places that do exist, my supervisors apparently hate me and say many bad things behind my back.

    Apparently, one of my interviewers wanted references, so naturally I gave the supervisors at the only company that still existed from my co-op. That previous supervisor, she treated me pretty normally throughout that co-op term, but it seems right now that she was blowing off all of my potential prospects and saying really nasty things.

    How did I confirm this? I had suspicions for a while, but I had a friend pretend to be an interviewer that called her. While I listened over speaker, the things she had to say about me almost made me vomit over myself. Yet, she acted really nice in front of my face when I was doing my work term there so many years ago and even gave me an excellent evaluation.

    I just don't understand why people would purposely go out of their way to screw another person over. My advice is to watch out for people like the above. In my situation, waterloo's co-op actually destroyed more connections than they created - it seems that everybody in my niche industry seems to like that old supervisor I used to have, and the word spreaded quickly. Such is life.

    1. Fuck her. Talk to a lawyer. That's slander.

    2. Second time reading your story. Still makes me feel for you. Good luck in the future!

  3. Start over OP. This is from experience. I never went through co-op though. But the situation is similar.