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Updated on Wednesday, September 9


OMG: Honestly, people enjoy this site for the trashy posts, trying to clean it up may help it be seen as more legit, but will hurt its overall fanbase.


  1. No it won't. OMGUW was doing just fine before the mods started allowing filthy flame bait to get posted.

    1. I fail to understand how constructive criticism is "filthy flame bait".
      Seriously. If someone gets robbed and it happens to be by someone of a particular ethnicity, then that's just a fact. If you say there's also correlations between ethnicities and certain crimes, then that's a fact as well, sorry to say. Learn the different between concrete facts and opinions.

    2. Okay Grima Wormtongue.

  2. same sort of stuff has been getting posted since '10 (old timer hurr durr), people's attitudes have changed though. from chill'd to sjw. hence the flame wars