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Updated on Wednesday, September 9


OMG: I started visiting this site in 2009 - oldtimer, I know. The way I see it, the thing that has changed is the number of people using it as an outlet for mental illness, and it really has brought down the tone of the site. While I'm not belittling anyone who feels alone or has depression, posting in an anonymous forum doesn't help the depression, nor does it raise any kind of school pride.

More posts about being followed by geese and choking on Campus Pizza ftw!


  1. It's easier to ignore the people and try to sweep the issues under the rug OP? Yes, so much better.

  2. 1. Nobody cares that you've been here since 2009.
    2. It's quite easy to move on to the next post.
    3. Maybe UW should put resources towards this issue rather than creating more expensive administration jobs to their buddies. How many Associate Deans does this place need?


      How many associate professors, lecturers, deans, managers does UW need?

    2. Really? Professors get paid?! That's not right, we should start a revolution

    3. @2a You do realize that lecturers and associate professors teach, right? They aren't admin. Lecturers, in particular, are just prospective professors who have been screwed over and placed in contract hell.

    4. 2c, a lot of lecturers are also PhD students or Post-doctoral workers.

      2a, the University tries to maintain a specific ratio of faculty to students (to try and limit class sizes). They hire based on that.

    5. So many overpaid losers on that list.

  3. I think this change means UW has a lot to work on in this regard. Waterloo students are highly stressed and keeping it in will make it worse for the individual students' health and the overall achievements of the school... and did Waterloo have any school spirit to begin with?