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Updated on Tuesday, September 8


OMG: The Fall term is about to start and I'm positive many of you are feeling anxious, stressed and maybe even depressed about starting the term. Remember to take care of your mental health. I know counselling services wait times suck but I recently found out they also offer meditation workshops, group Cognitive Therapy for anxiety, stress, depression etc. I know it's hard to take out the time to go, but it's hard to perform at your best when you're feeling down.


  1. Or talk to your family and friends? Talking to a complete stranger who doesn't know you and probably won't care about you after you leave doesn't sound great to me.

    Being sad is not a mental health issue. So many normal reactions are being labelled as a mental health problem just so companies can sell you drugs. Stop using mental health as an excuse to get pity.

    1. When did "mental health" become such a huge buzzword anyways? Can't seem to go a day without hearing about it.