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Updated on Tuesday, September 8


OMG: I've been feeling depressed lately about the Fall. And I come from a dirt poor family. If I end up failing a course or even a term (as I know a lot of people do), how does this impact OSAP funding? Like will I no longer get OSAP? Am I fucked for life?


  1. I don't know about OSAP but I do know that it's only the beginning of the term and much too early to worry about failing! I didn't think that many people failed so don't let it get to you. Do your best and take it one test at a time. You can do it!

  2. OSAP doesn't look at grades, or any point of academic standing really.
    If you struggle in a program that is not engineering, you are likewise allowed to repeat semesters by the policies of most departments and OSAP.

  3. They do care about you failing courses. I know a guy who had to write them a letter detailing why he failed and how he made it up by doing well in the last semester he completed. You can't just go through years of redundant schooling and expect the government to pick up the slack forever. I think you have to fail a lot of courses in order for them to start questioning you though.