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Updated on Monday, September 7


OMG: I've been at Waterloo for 4 years, and I'm starting my Master's in September. During the first two years of school, I had lots of friends, went out, had a good time. For the last two, I drifted away from my friends because of co-op streams, etc. Now they've all graduated and mostly gone and I'm starting school with 0 friends again. I feel so alone and unhappy already and school hasn't even started....


  1. Warrior. Sign up to be an oweek leader, I guarantee you will make hundreds of friends and meet life long buddies. Don't let anything stop you. Get involved. Join clubs this term! Losing friends sucks. Get invooooolved. School spirit is at all time high in oweek, go join events and feel that sense of once in a year community <33

    1. i can't tell if this is sarcasm

  2. Fellow Grad Student Here.

    Assuming you're doing your masters here, I can be a friend.