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Updated on Monday, September 7


OMG: Just curious, do we have a dress code/limit at UW?


  1. Black and gold only

  2. It isn't a high school. You can wear whatever you want.

    1. As a person who went to a private school with a dress code I question what the above line means generically.

  3. We require all girls to wear seifuku

  4. This question is so adorable. I just want to hug it and squeeze it all day. :3

    *coughs* Anyway, to answer your question... all men are required to wear a codpiece. At all times.
    Women - fishnet stockings with a miniskirt and a see-through top. Yes, winter too - though we aren't heartless, you can add a toque and mitts to the set then if you like.
    Trans - dress with your identified gender.
    Gender Neutral - wear all of the above.

    I hope I've been helpful. Don't worry first-year boys - your Orientation Leaders will provide you with your own personal codpiece at a ceremony later this week.

  5. All men must also have their ass crack sticking out the top of their pants by an inch and one inch only. Any further and the campus cops reserve the right to beat your ass. Any less and you'll be docked points on all tests and exams.