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Updated on Monday, September 7


OMG: My parents don't make a lot of money and I'm finding it harder to make ends meet. It's like I constantly have to make a choice between skipping a meal and spending an extra bit of change on food. I usually skip breakfast, drink coffee to suppress my appetite and then eat something cheap to get by. I don't know what to do anymore :(


  1. Hey OP,

    Your situation is not uncommon, as unfortunate as it is to say that, but here are my ideas for meals:

    - UW has an anonymous Food Bank. There is tons of stuff here such as canned soups, beans, pasta, and other nonperishable food. It is on the second floor in the SLC (staircase beside the Bomber) unless it has moved.

    - Resist the urge to buy meals (or coffees, or bagels, etc) when possible. This all adds up and costs more in the long run.

    - Try the Kitchener Farmer's Market. They're open Saturday mornings and have a lot of fresh produce! Take a lap around, compare prices, and you can usually find great deals on fruits and vegetables. You can find a lot for $20 and it can last you a few weeks. For example, some things I've bought include a big bag of green beans for $2, a bundle of asparagus for $2-3, a basket of tomatoes for $2, etc. In the summer you can even get four or five boxes of strawberries for $5 sometimes!

    I like to get a lot of vegetables depending on what's cheap and make a lot of food at once. If you find pasta on sale at a store, you can buy a whole bag for $1, and a can of sauce would also be $1. Add some broccoli and you'll have a few meals for less than $5. For quick breakfasts, buy some bagels and cream cheese on sale, or a loaf of bread and peanut butter, or whatever you prefer. Even having bread and eggs can get you a few meals for a few bucks (e.g. toast and eggs). I'm a little frugal so I tend to only buy food on sale and in bulk, and it helps.

    Hopefully some of this was helpful to you!

  2. Damn waterlooian, go to the food bank. It's there for people just like you. For real, don't starve. Your brain needs food. Also, check out events on campus that often have free food. Also also listen to comment 1, they got your back.

  3. yes comment one is basically it. and please don't be embarrassed to go to the food bank. getting through university is the most important thing for you and afterwards you'll find a good job to support you and your family. Don't give up!<3

  4. The Feds run a foodbank. Local churches have meals and social events.

  5. You could get a part time job to help make ends meet. A lot of students work during the school term (myself included).

  6. There is a free food waterloo group on facebook- ffuw where people post about events with free food on campus.
    Also, a lot of the co-op info sessions have food -
    And yes- the food bank! Use it and then whenever you find yourself able to later on, pay it forward by donating a bit.
    I wish I could help more! Hang in there!

  7. get a zynga sweater

  8. Praise #6 thank you

  9. People need to spend their money more wisely. The biggest commendation is rice, one bag is 10 dollars and can last you a month. Oatmeal, ground beef, pasta, anything you can buy in bulk.