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Updated on Monday, September 7


OMG: Its sad that waterloo just got $21 million dollars donated to them, has endowment funds over $100 million, and has countless brand new buildings donated to them, but they have nothing to help their students. Nothing to decrease counselling wait times or help those struggling with depression.


  1. 100% agreed. Coming from a family with 5 siblings who each went to different institutions, this school is probably the most depressing, not just because of the cold war-era buildings, but also because of the terrible student body.

  2. Where does the money go honestly? I'm am sitting in a UW library and the arm cushions on the chair are completely ripped off. I have to hover my arms up so I don't get cut on the bolt poking through. It's like a third world country here.

  3. UW's endowment fund is embarrassingly low when you compare to other universities, so it's no wonder why everything is falling apart. It seems like the administration's only goal is to increase the number of students and buildings until it's beyond unsustainable.

    1. Increasing the number of students increases revenues, at least for now. The current belief is that the "per capita enrolment" model that dictates provincial government funding will end in the very near future, so universities everywhere are trying to capitalize on it while they still can.