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Updated on Friday, August 28


OMG: I eat A LOT. I'm a competitive dancer and an active person in general (hockey, basketball etc.). I'll be entering as a first year and was wondering how do people manage to do their grocery shopping without a car? Should I buy a trolley cart?


  1. If you're living in residence, they offer shuttle service to and from a grocery store.

  2. What 1 said is good, and you should take advantage of that!

    Adding to it (more generally), we take buses! Your watcard is also a bus pass that lets you take any of the buses in the region.

    Use those big cloth bags, and I recommend limiting yourself to 2 or 3 for a single shopping trip. What you can carry from the store to the bus stop, and the bus stop to wherever you're living, in short.

  3. Buy a decent backpack.

    I use my 30L AT pack for pretty much everything and that will get me 4-5 days worth of food.

    If I need to buy something bulky I use one of my bigger packs, but in that case you could just use the bus.

  4. Go multiple times a week?

  5. Use the bus and bring big cloth bags and a sturdy backpack. It's not that big of a secret. If there's too much to bring home, you'll probably have to make weekly trips or every few days, which can help reduce food waste by ensuring you only buy what you can eat.

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