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Updated on Friday, August 28


OMG: I really want to take care of my mental health... I do, but sometimes I feel EXTREMELY guilty for feeling so bad. Like maybe I have so much privilege that I need something to complain about. But I feel down all the time. Like there's people so much worse off and I actually have it pretty good. I'm not sure what to do.


  1. You know what they say, OP, money can't buy happiness. No matter how privileged you are, if there is a chemical imbalance in your brain, you need to work towards making yourself feel better. Mental health is crucially important, it's like saying "Oh look, I am a millionaire with cancer so I have no reason to complain because atleast I'm rich." Crazy, right?
    I'd say go the counselling services if you can't just shrug it off,otherwise it gets worse. They have pretty nice people in CS at the health services. Meanwhile keep practicing your blessings too, but only to remind yourself that life is great. Just because you're privileged, doesn't mean you don't get to feel like crap sometimes. :) Its okay not to be okay at times

  2. Is this a serious post? You're so completely brainwashed by liberal garbage that you can't even help yourself out of mental health, what the fuck man..

  3. Wow third time trying to make this post work. Was going to say, in synthesizing the brainwashing by liberal garbage/feeling bad about self posts, I can relate. It's not your fault, if you do feel bad and others are discriminating against you. In order to remedy this, I sometimes reason out others as they have discriminated against myself for reasons beyond my control. If others choose to stigmatize against mental health, they are making it and mental health worse, and again, if I am NOT doing this, and someone else is, it is beyond my control. Life is a game so find a healthy way of getting out your emotions. I pretty much hate everyone but I'm actually a really nice responsable person if you were to meet me. I just don't spend too much time around people that don't get me, which means that's pretty much everyone.