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Updated on Monday, August 24


OMG: I just had the worse landlord ever. The hot water tank went out and I was deprived of hot water for almost a week. Now he has insisted on inspecting our units to check the drain and change the lights and gave a "20 day notice with a 12 hour range" meaning he could come any time.
As a result, they came to my room unexpectedly when I was out, locked the door, and left me locked out in my own room because I left my keys inside and door unlocked. I emailed/phoned him immediately and he did not respond until two days later. He told me he would send someone over to open the door but did not specify the time and date so I wasn't sure whether or not to get a locksmith. I sent several emails asking, and he did not reply, at all, leaving me waiting a whole day for someone to open the door. I just cannot believe someone can be so utterly so irresponsible, selfish, and completely heartless. 

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  1. report them following the info here: