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Updated on Monday, August 24


OMG: So for the econ elective I was taking I got a few emails from these guys who were "sick" and writing the deferred exams and they were asking for tips on how to prepare. I couldn't help but think ho pathetic some people are and how much they deserve to die.


  1. They deserve to fail but not to die. lol

  2. Econ? You know you're too dumb for uni when... cheating on an Econ exam.

  3. I also got that email for ECON 361. I always get these kind of emails from birdy little arts electives, never from my CS courses. Just sayin.

    Maybe someone should forward that email to the prof and let the idiot learn his/her lesson.

  4. what does it matter to you? he's just here to earn a degree and get a job afterwards, you're taking this way too seriously

    1. and it's people like you who dilute the value of the degree so people flock to institutions that uphold some kind of standard for their programs. then you're degree is essentially worthless and you're sucking smegma off old men for bus fare.

  5. It's not good to assume that people are faking their sickness. Maybe you caught something really bad or had to have surgery a few weeks before the exam and couldn't attend the last few lectures. Maybe one day you'll get sick and find yourself in the same position with nobody willing to help you. Perhaps thinking how pathetic some people are and how much they deserve to die is pathetic and deserving of dying in itself?