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Updated on Monday, August 17


OMG: Lately, I've become so incredibly depressed due to a skin condition known as vitiligo. It's spreading to my face. I have to cover it up with makeup, but sometimes it still shows through. I don't think anybody who has never had a severe skin condition understands how much emotional trauma it can bring. I can't take antibiotics because of a health condition I have. I never want to go outside or leave my house. I'm scared about not finding anybody who will truly love me or if I'm worth loving. I'm scared about not finding a job in the future because of my skin condition. I'm scared a therapist will only reassure me that my skin pigmentation disorder is wrong. I just don't want to be here anymore.


  1. My uncle has had vitiligo for decades. A few years ago his skin turned completely white. He actually looks normal now. Don't worry, you'll get there someday too.

  2. Hahaha! Vitilgo is a ficticious disease! Are you bleaching your skin, buddy? No need to be so ashamed! Gonna end up being the panda king, huh?

  3. 2 is an asshole.

    Hey OP, I have vitiligo too. The circumstances are a little different because I got it when I was 1 (it stopped spreading when I was about 2-3) and it didn't spread to my face (it's on my right hand & arm, collar bone, back, and faintly on a few other areas of my bod).

    You really sound like you're going through a hard time, and it sounds like you're depressed. The vitiligo is NOT your fault, and the condition is NOT who you really are. It's a part of your body, and you'll notice it and other people will notice it, but I'm 100% sure that there are so many other parts of you that your friends and family love. Everyone has "weird" things about their bodies that they get caught up on and it's a part of you, but it is NOT THE WHOLE of your being.

    OP, it seems that you're really depressed. Please get help! Your family and friends would be more devastated if something were to happen to you rather than your skin changing colour. You really get used to it-- you really do. Because a splotch of mine is in a very obvious part of my right hand, I'll sometimes notice it when I'm raising my hand in class, but I usually forget that it's there, or that it should be anything other than what it is.

    It's a weird thing too: when I was a kid, other kids used to ask about it *all* the time, but as I got older, the questions slowly trickled away. People get it, and honestly, they really don't care. Or if they do, then just tell them that you had what Michael Jackson had that turned him white (that's what I do lol) or Jon Hamm, or Graham Norton (a la this list:

    OP, what you're going through totally and utterly sucks. It's okay that you feel this way, and you are absolutely allowed to because the experience is traumatic. Eventually, you'll hit a day when, suddenly, it doesn't really matter anymore-- I hope you hit it sometime soon!

    (I've answered from my Google Account-- if you want someone to talk to who also has vitiligo, feel free to hit me up. Hope you feel better!)

    1. Answering from my google account was a bad idea because there's no actual way to contact me, aha. You can email me at my secondary :

  4. People will love you no matter what! If anyone hurts you just because of your appearance, they're assholes & aren't worth your time. Have you heard about the model with vitiligo? I think I saw her at Yorkdale & she was absolutely stunning. Hopefully she can be an inspiration to you!

  5. I used to date someone with vitiligo. It had spread to their face and was very noticeable on their darker skin. I actually thought it was really unique and just accepted it as part who they were because it never stopped them from doing anything! To this day, they're still one of the most confident people I know.Yes, they had vitiligo, but that's not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about them.

    Vitiligo is a certainly a memorable trait. But, just make sure you're remembered with how you embrace every part of your life with confidence!

  6. I've always known this as cow spotting, since it looks like a Holstein cow. Honestly, if this is all you have, consider yourself lucky. A friend of mine received third degree burns across his face at a job when a machine part broke spraying hot mechanical fluid all over him. The only reason he still has his vision is her reflex raised his arm to block his eyes.

    He was studying to be a pilot, now he has to choose a new career because he is not allowed to have that much sunlight exposure on the burned areas. He literally lost his future because of his employer's incompetence.

  7. I think generally speaking, university student are mature enough to look past your skin condition and treat you just like anyone else. Anyone who doesn't is not worth your time. Personally, I've seen a handful of people with this condition throughout my life and while I was surprised the first time I'd seen it, now it's no big deal.

    On another note, check out this beautiful model who has vitiligo:

    She placed 6th in America's Top Model