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Updated on Monday, August 17


OMG: Don't give money out to ANY body who comes up to you in the KW with any sob story. Yes these people might be struggling with their mental health, buy them food if you feel really bad. But seriously, my families been in rough situations and not once did we resort to begging on the streets. We sometimes sought help from friends and family. But not random strangers. But that was it. We went to food banks etc. to make ends meet.


  1. Seriously, do not give these people money. Some may actually be in bad situations, but many of these people are just trying to get free money and fake their situation. Really, giving these folks money is like feeding animals that you shouldn't be feeding at the zoo. Yeah, people can get desperate and struggle to make ends meet, but not to the point where they're asking random people on the street for free money. It's all a big, big scam.

  2. I'm all fine with providing an argument for why people should not give random people on the street money but how is your anecdotal evidence relevant at all? "My family didn't ask for money so don't give people money" wtf? My parents didn't go to university so no one should go to university. My cousin doesn't eat meat so no one else should eat meat. I know someone who only believes in renting and not buying, so no one should buy houses. You clearly haven't learned the lesson "my way isn't necessarily the right way." Tip: This lesson should have been learned in elementary school when you went over to Tommy's house and saw they keep ketchup in the cupboard and not the fridge like at your house.

    1. 2 is why I love OMGUW

    2. Shhh 2. Come on. That's not nice to use logic. It's all about emotions and how thing ought to be on here. It's fantasy island without the midget.