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Updated on Sunday, August 9


OMG: BELCHING & ViDEO GAME GUY - this has to stop!
There is a guy who sits in the PAS building computer lab 24/7 and all he does is play online games, and go on chat sites and laugh to himself. He does this for hours. I have been there for epic amounts of time writing papers and studying for finals and without fail he is always there.

Anyways, that's not the most annoying part. I have no idea if he has some sort of medical condition, but he burps constantly. He's not necessarily eating or drinking (but he does that too, and brings in big hot meals that stink up the place)... but he lets out these long, disgusting, burps every few minutes and its driving me insane. I can hear it through my lectures/music being played through noise cancelling earphones! That's how loud it is!

As an Arts student, it's hard to find other mac labs I can use and I shouldn't have to. Any advice? I'm so tempted to say something, but I don't want to a) publicly embarrass him (although to be certain he could use a lesson in Canadian etiquette) and b) I don't want to get attacked when I'm alone with him in the building- because he seems he might be crazy like that and PAS is a creep, isolated place already.


  1. Just walk up and ask him to stop burping. Some people have a serious lack of self awareness.

  2. I know who you're referring to! I wanted to ask him to stop as well, but I was working till late into the night, and I was so tired and just wanted to go home. :/