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Updated on Sunday, August 9


OMG: Drats. When I traded in my undergraduate card for a full-time graduate one they shredded the old card :( Lost a half year due to date expiration.

(Originally exp 2017, now June 2017).

I miss the old 7 year valid undergrad card already.


  1. That's why I lied, said I lost mine and paid the fee for graduate card.

  2. I still got mine baby! You gotta keep the OG UG card.

  3. Still got mine from 2010. Exp 2017. Old style green with SLC in the background ftw

  4. Can't you just "lose" the card a month before you graduate and get a new one valid for longer?

    1. One of the only issues now is that new cards have shorter validity periods. I started in 2010 and my undergrad card was set to expire in 2017; I got a grad card in September 2014 and it also expires in 2017.

    2. 4a it's based on the length of the program. Undergrad is longer than graduate (except phd sometimes) so it expires in less time. The period has been shortened however. I started in Fall 2012 and my card is good until 2018. My Girlfriend started in Winter 2015, and her's is good until 2020. I think it also depends on whether you're in co-op or not and whether you're in like double degree or some other weird thing.