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Updated on Sunday, August 9


OMG: Repeating a term this fall and of my 6 courses, i have the same professors for 2 of them and my previous classmates are probably gonna be my TA's.I'm really anxious about that and how i'm going to be treated by them.


  1. Depends. If it's a bigger class, the odds of getting one of them are pretty low. If you do and it's awkward and there are other TAs available, you could go to the professor and claim a conflict of interest and ask for a reassignment.

  2. Remember that if they treat you any less, there's something wrong with THEM and their shitty superiority complex, not you. You're just there to try to learn and make up for your mistakes. It's not a crime to not be perfect. At the same time... If they're your friends, you might be surprised at how understanding they are.