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Updated on Wednesday, July 29


OMG: In case no one has seen it yet the make up day for Thanksgiving Monday is Saturday, November, 21. Yes we have class on a SATURDAY this Fall. Not to mention only 12 days of between the last day of exams for Fall and the first day of Winter classes.

So no you can't have a fall reading week and you get class on Saturday and a shorter Christmas break. 


  1. Yeah, this happens every few years. It'll continue to happen, too - the Fall Reading Break (which will probably be implemented next year) won't change that, sadly. The only thing that could is if we started the term in August - but we can't do that, because of Spring Term/co-op.

    The only other alternative is to have exams on December 24th - but they really don't want to do that because then Christmas Day would be the emergency backup day.

  2. Blame the fact that we have Labour Day really late this year!

  3. You're welcome,

    Unneeded long orientation week

    1. A shorter Orientation Week actually won't solve this particular problem, unless we DON'T have any Fall Reading Days.

  4. Because labour day is the latest it can possibly be this year :(