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Updated on Wednesday, July 29


OMG: I'm a student note taker for a class and one of the students didn't give me the right e-mail address to send them the notes. Now they're frustrated and yelling at me cause they didn't get any of my notes. Like seriously, your supposed to be taking your own notes and supplementing with mine.


  1. Apart from that, it's not your fault. They have to give you the right e-mail - if it's that important to them, they should've double-checked.

  2. Hi student note taker, I love your kind. Keep up the good work! Also, **** that guy, since it's not your fault. =)

  3. WTF is a student note taker

    1. If you have a learning disability or any other factors that might be preventing you from taking adequate notes, you can talk to the professor about getting a student note taker to help SUPPLEMENT the notes that your taking.

  4. I don't know where you guys got this supplement bs from, but as a student with a writing disability I can say with certainty that you can get a note taker as your core source of notes. For example I barely take notes if at all since I can't keep up but rsther just lay attention in class and photocopy someone elses notes. That said it's not OPs fault that the guy is an idiot and gave the wrong email. Also no one should be waiting till the last day of class for notes. Did you guys not have a midterm, how has this person gone so long without caring?

  5. Sounds like it was a communication issue. Good to stay on top of things. Note takers should be appreciated for sure. If the student gave you the wrong email by mistake, it's not necessarily anyones fault but may be frustrating on both ends.