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Updated on Wednesday, July 29


OMG: I walked in on my roommate watching anime porn...


  1. Eh, ain't nothing wrong with that. Everyone has different fetishes and fantasies, so indulge in whatever floats your boat (as long as it's legal)! No point in judging - though if it was my roommate I'd prefer it if they locked the door before getting themselves off.

    That said, your roommate should be careful about WHAT they download/watch. There's a lot of anime porn out there that can actually get you arrested in Canada on child pornography charges. If THAT'S the sort of thing they're into, this is a completely different story.

  2. Knock next time.

    1. It was in out living room on the TV. He thought we were all gone

    2. Who the fuck watches porn on an actual TV?

  3. it's called hentai btw