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Updated on Friday, July 24


OMG: EVERY connection at UW is a missed connection. They're as scared of you as you are of them. Go talk.


  1. It sounds like something I would say to myself before getting humiliated

  2. Some people just seem way out of my league. What if I go up to someone and they're not that nice? Sometimes it's better to admire from a distance.

  3. Well if you go up to them and they're a complete ****, then you can simply walk away and move on with your life. As they say, **** those guys.

  4. And then there are people like me, with social anxiety. Who want to reply nicely but are often too scared/shy to hold a conversation and come off as being unfriendly.

    1. This. I thought my girlfriend wasn't interested in me when I asked for her number. She was just shy and didn't know how to handle it.