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Updated on Tuesday, July 21


OMG: I've just discovered that few of my girlfriends are anti abortion. I can never understand a woman who wants to restrict the rights of other women. I'm done with them. They're no longer my friends.


  1. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. As long as they aren't hurting or trying to oppress women who choose abortion, what makes you any better? You are shunning someone for their belief! What an evolved free thinker you are!

    1. I think it's safe to assume that when OP says "I can never understand a woman who wants to restrict the rights of other women" those women are trying to oppress others who choose abortion.
      Either that or OP jumped to conclusions.

  2. How dare someone not believe in aborting life! Shame on them! BURN THEM ALL!!!!

  3. I am okay with people who say "I will never get an abortion" but as soon as it becomes "I don't think anyone else should be allowed to get an abortion" they can go fuck themselves.

  4. I couldn't care less what my friends views are as long as they don't try to force those opinions on me, or call me a bad person for having a different opinion than them.

  5. Wow, good job OP. Wrap yourself in your little bubble as tight as possible. I also might suggest you not stay in university, this is a place meant for higher education.

  6. I'm anti-abortion but don't push my views on others. Yea, I'd prefer abortion didn't exist, but realistically that's' never going to happen and I'm not the type to get in peoples faces and scream at them for their beliefs and wave disgusting aborted fetus posters.

    I've accepted that things are the way they are, people are the way they are, and it's good enough for me to live by my beliefs.

  7. I have lots of friends who have made the mistake of interpreting "I am anti-abortion" as "I think abortion should be illegal". I know this because I've tried to have open minded conversations with these same friends about where someone who is anti-abortion might be coming from (as a devil's advocate, I am personally the type of person who would have an abortion if I was ever in the situation where I didn't feel prepared for a baby) and they freaked out about how no one should have their rights restricted. Except I never brought up anything about restricting others' rights, I was only talking about individual choices.

    So, just goes to show how people think anti-abortion people are the devil and can't accept that someone might be pro-choice but personally against having an abortion themselves. Just make sure you know someone's whole story before jumping to conclusions about where they're coming from.

  8. Abortion is ending someone's life, right?