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Updated on Tuesday, July 21


OMG: I found out that my boyfriend is using viagra. I feel aweful. Am I not sexy enough for him?


  1. He's probably addicted to porn

    1. +1

      Unless your bf was born with some kind of medical condition, it is not normal for someone that young to need viagra (assuming he's a student as well).

      Porn has been shown to cause erectile dysfunction in some males who use porn as their primary method of sexual stimulation. It might be possible that before your bf had any gf's, he watched a lot of porn to satisfy himself. This can make it hard to be aroused in real life situations because porn is so different from actual sex, and porn can rewire your brain to be aroused by computer images instead of real women.

      I would talk to your boyfriend about his porn habits, and consider helping him quit that habit. Search "yourbrainonporn" on google for more information. There's more and more research being done on this topic because high speed porn is relatively new, and more and more young adults are being affected by porn-induced erectile dysfunction every year. It is actually starting to become an epidemic, but no one talks about it because porn is kind of a taboo topic.

  2. Out of all the possible reasons he could be taking Viagra, that's probably the least likely. Some possible reasons he could be taking it are:

    1. Medical reasons, to help him stay erect
    2. He's nervous, and needs the help to stay erect
    3. He thinks it well help him perform (ergo, he's trying to impress)

    Maybe even some other reason.
    Please do not jump to conclusions. He is your boyfriend. Talk to him.

  3. If he's taking a pill to achieve physical arousal, he's having bigger problems than how attractive he may or may not find you. Don't feel bad... maybe talk to him about it?

  4. Viagara doesn't help with making you feel more aroused. It just helps keep an erection, which a lot of people have trouble with due to a wide variety of medical complications.

  5. No silly girl, it means his dick don't work good.