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Updated on Wednesday, July 15


OMG: Sometimes you fuck up. Maybe not big time, but bad enough that you can't easily let go of it. Big enough that you keep thinking about it and think about it for long enough that it begins to swallow you in and you spiral down. Suddenly you start recalling all the other mistakes you've made. The dots connect to a form a conglomeration of fuck ups which, at least in the moment, becomes bigger than everything else your life is. It becomes bigger than you and you just think whether your whole existence was a mistake.


  1. Yup - what did you do?

  2. Had the reverse happen to me. Was fucking hard to grasp honestly. Felt like everyone was fucking with me and I didn't know if reality was actually that.

    Either way it's a fucked-up situation OP. Try to break it down and just figure out where the mistakes were and learn from them. You cannot change the past, nor should you. Just realize what needs to be done in the future.

  3. Don't worry. Pregnancy is not a big deal.