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Updated on Wednesday, July 15


OMG: I just wanna send out a PSA for ppl looking for fall accomodations... DO NOT SIGN WITH DOMUS OR SCHEMBRI. I have been with both and they are absolutely terrible and you will be sorry.


  1. Please elaborate!

  2. -take a look at the comments

    Basically, schembri signed students on to live at 1 columbia beginning sept 4th, 2014. they told 300 tenants 48 hours before move in that the building wasn't going to be completed on time. international students had to change flights and moving plans, people had to scramble to find a fucking place to live because they were given such short notice. even though legally, schembri was supposed to let people terminate the lease and move elsewere they refused and threatened to take legal action. it was a fucking circus. 300 students were forced to live in hotels for the first 2 months of the term, with no idea of when the building would be ready. some ppl were like 1 hour away from campus. it was horrible, and schembri didn't even give any form of PROPER compensation for the fuck up. some ppl failed the term because it was so stressful.

    where are things now? people have moved in but they are STILL working on construction, almost a year later. it's absolutely disgusting how they have taken advantage of students. and the ppl who did take legal action are still fighting for schembri to give their money back...

    as for domus, they aren't as bad as schembri but in terms of maintenance requests and inquiries they are terrible at getting back to you. they also take advantage of students.

    1. Tenant that lived with schembri here: schembri lived with a significant other at the time. They have moved on to someone new. Let them deal with their personal issues personally.

    2. ... if you're gonna reply at least try to sound like you have a brain

  3. Yes. Seriously people know what you're getting into. Read everything, understand everything in the contract, if you don't understand something talk to UW housing or contact the Tenancy Board.

    It's just going to get worse imo. These companies used to be small mom and pop type places where their bark was worse than their bite with an assortment of tiny little houses sprinkled throughout Waterloo. Now these places are putting millions in these huge apartments that look like jails. They will start hiring people to cut corners for them legally. They will start using lawyers to intimidate renters because there is so much more money on the line. Use your brains. Make sure you understand fully what you're getting into before signing anything. Your lives will be a hell of a lot better for it. You'll have enough stress from your studies in university. You don't need more when you come home.