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Updated on Friday, July 10


OMG: I read this somewhere, don't know who to credit it to, but here it goes:

Unfortunately, we don't all get our dreams. Sometimes we work and work and never get what we want. You have to realize regardless of what happens, Do it for love. Do it because who are you without it. Do it because it's fun. Success will come in some form. It just may not the the form you wanted. Also, Good luck! You may be one of the few who make it!! 


  1. Read an article about a guy who regretted quitting his high salary job to do what he loved because it didn't bring enough income and he ended up struggling to support himself.

    1. money = happiness

    2. Difference between being realistic and being stupid. This anecdote was obviously the latter.

    3. The guy should have kept pursuing his passion if it's what he really wanted. So what if he failed and had trouble supporting himself? Guess what? LIFE IS NOT EASY. If you want something worth having in life, you'll have to work hard and be willing to face a lot of discomfort in order to achieve it.

      For all of you who think money can buy happiness, good luck with that (not judging, it's your life). For some of us, doing what we love is what brings us a satisfying life, not being able to afford materialistic possessions so we can live a comfortable, safe life.

  2. Im sorry for aiming for perfection

  3. Do or do not, there is no try.