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Updated on Monday, July 6


OMG: OMG FEDS, can you please stop being this tyrannical monstrosity and actually do something good for students? Instead of focusing on evicting great community builders, actually do something that is positive!


  1. "Positive" for Feds, means "make more Feds." Which is really the problem.

  2. Sometimes I can't help but feel bad for FEDS... They work hard for students and 60% percent of students don't notice at all. 20% go out of their way to criticise FEDS' every move.

    But I actually agree with half this post. Evicting Imprint was stupid af

    1. I would say closer to 90% of students don't notice it at all. Nobody gives a fuck about Feds and what they waste money on.

    2. Feds SHOULD work hard for us since we pay them. The problem is they work hard for themselves instead.