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Updated on Thursday, July 2


OMG: Top tip. If you're on a full bus, happen to be standing by the doors. When someone requests a stop. And people are getting off. Simply step out of the bus, keep one hand on the door of the bus, and step back in when it is clear. That way people don't have to squeeze by and hit other people/you on their way out.


  1. thanks maaaan. ur good guy bess frands

    international student

  2. nothing to see here just another peasant complaining about their experience with public transport. top tip. you will take what the public gives you and shut the fuck up

    1. Where is the complaint? It would be a complaint if the person wrote "the buses are over capacity" or "people don't move out of the way". Instead the post gives a suggestion.

  3. LMAO so friggin cute. public transport means independense.

  4. I've done this so many times!