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Updated on Thursday, July 2


OMG: I'm really struggling to study and focus on building a life for myself because just over a year ago a family member started a heroin addiction thats gotten worse and worse. I fear attacks and bad news all the time. I have lost all my friends from retracting into my shell when I found out and now I'm not sure what to do anymore, I feel helpless and very alone because I can't connect to people or get my shit together


  1. When I get back from recovering from surgery, let's be friends. I come back at the beginning of August, and I understand the shell thing way too well. I cannot pull you out of it, I suffer the same problem, but maybe having someone you could confide in would help.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling, friend :(

    this is in no way meant to sound condescending, but have you thought about connecting with a counsellor or other support on campus? I know that it has helped me a lot. they're very nice and understanding and non-judgemental there.

    best wishes, keep reaching out :)