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Updated on Tuesday, June 30


OMG: Why does engineering have to be so separated from the rest of the other societies? I don't want to do Eng beach day with a bunch of anti-social/weird engineers. Can't we all just get along?


  1. There's a Sci soc + Eng soc semi-formal happening sometime next month, but anyone's welcome to go.

  2. You can't unleash those smelly horny dogs into the general population.

  3. Engsoc has repeatedly tried to run events with other societies. The other societies either
    a) Completely fail at marketing and advertisement
    b) Don't have the budget to contribute meaningfully to the event
    c) Are so fragmented by the department club, they suck at organizing faculty wide events (looking at you scisoc)

    Don't blame us.

    1. Or, alternately, no one wants to hang out with engineers. I'm betting on this option.

    2. OP here, wasn't blaming Engsoc, obviously you guys do a good job, I just rather go with another crowd.

  4. If you want to go to the beach day, you can attend through ICSN or OCC. We won't hate on you because you're an engineer .
    (Don't forget to put on clean underwear tho)

  5. "with a bunch of anti-social/weird engineers"
    Maybe you're the reason we can't all get along. It's not that hard to try to be fucking nice and put stereotypes aside, perhaps you should give it a go.