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Updated on Tuesday, June 30


OMG: Why the fuck do people think it is acceptable to take their shoes off and put their feet all over the new furniture in the MC Comfy Lounge? Honestly, even leaving your shoes on and putting your feet up is only dirty, not smelly.


  1. If they aren't barefoot, who gives a fuck?

  2. I had beans for lunch and sharted on the furniture in the MC comfy lounge.

  3. Given a choice between shoes on and shoes off, I prefer that people take their shoes off. It's just polite, and stops the furniture from getting wrecked.

    That said, you just shouldn't put your feet up on the furniture in a public place. That would be better.

  4. Bruh..people sleep in that place during night at times...much worse things happen in that place...get over it, pussy.