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Updated on Tuesday, June 30


OMG: Did Al Madinas go downhill or is it just me? So much slower, and cant't get the order right since last term and they keep tearing my shwarma up.


  1. I've noticed too.. the toppings also seem poorer quality

  2. Send a complaint to the owner. He cares too much about the Boardwalk location to invest in the Plaza one.

    His email from a business card I had from several years ago, might not be current:

    1. 3 again, I actually have been contemplating contacting him to complain about the sliding quality. I think he needs to realize people still care.

  3. I stopped eating from that place. bad quality toppings, oily chicken, dirty grill, bad air conditioning, and service is slow as hell...

  4. the new dishwasher they hired at the boardwalk is really shit

  5. they also significantly reduced the amount of toppings in the wraps. Before you'd get an exploding shawarma, now you get a malnourished ne