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Updated on Wednesday, June 24


OMG: It drives me up the wall when big corporations look for unpaid interns. We're lucky to have such good co-op here at UW. Some of my friends in Canada and state side are getting taken advantage of with unpaid internships and it's bullshit.


  1. Generally agreed. I'm not categorically opposed to unpaid internships, but there have to be clear guidelines about what unpaid interns can and can't be expected to DO. For instance, it's one thing to have a program where interns get to shadow a professional in their field of interest for a little while, and get a general feel for what work in that industry/company is like by doing the occasional simple task. That's cool.

    ...Having unpaid interns just to do the shit the paid workers don't want to do (but would normally do), plus coffee runs... that's not cool at all, and we need measures to prevent that from happening IMO. If it's work you would normally pay somebody for, then pay somebody for it!

  2. It seriously is BS. A friend of mine who goes to U of T is doing an unpaid internship with some private equity company called crescent park in TO. They work him like a dog for no pay yet they make bank and there is no promise that they'll hire him after. There should be strict regulations behind unpaid but there doesn't seem to be.


    2. I love you 2a.