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Updated on Sunday, June 7


OMG: Don't Rent with Atlas Property Group!
I moved in to Atlas Property (188 King St. N). They first started off by charged me $120 for Hydro when I lived in a unit for 2 months by myself in the summer. Mind you I went home almost all weekends and for a period of 2 weeks I was gone. Yet the bill was 40 dollars for the two months after when 4 other people moved in. Doesn't make any sense. Also most people in the building were screwed over. They had required tenants to let them know if they were planning to move out the building in NOVEMBER!! First of all, it the lease ends in April, why should they let you know 5 months in advance??They picked the busiest month when student were bombarded with exams so that they forget, which most did. They then sent a statement basically saying that every one in the building signed the lease so its their responsibility to be make sure that they remembered. Now they are trying to charge me $120 to repaint my room. When I moved in the painters said they weren't going to repaint my room since it was not that badly damaged and that they will do it after I move out. I moved out over a month ago, meaning someone else has been in my room for over a month. And now they want to charge me?? I only put my school calender up and I bought the adhesive that does not stick and I made SURE not to damage the walls. So I am loosing my $120. Guys don't do it. They are con artists!!! Ps- Rich, the manager, is so rude. He tried to fine us several times during the year for things that we did not do ( ex they claimed that we leaving garbage in the hallway) and only let up when we had proof that we didn't do it. They will try anything and when they are in the wrong (ex key pad refused to work, I called, left a voice mail and had to sleep in the corridor) they act like its not a big deal. Don't do it guys!


  1. Stop paying them and force them to evict your.

  2. There is a landlord named Zain Valani who has multiple places to rent in Waterloo. I HIGHLY suggest giving him a call.

    Reasonable prices, secure, great maintenance and doesn't treat students like shit. Easily best landlord I had

    1. +1 for Zain. I have a place with him now, decent good rent and when things have broken they've been repaired within a week. All around good landlord.