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Updated on Wednesday, May 27


-->So sum chick who graduated is posting on fb about how she wants to go on a religious mission. So she quit her job and is asking for support (aka: money) from her facebook friends to fund her.

Is this how i fund my grad trip when I graduate?


  1. I funded mine by becoming faculty, getting a massive paycheck, and being paid to travel for conferences.


  3. Just because you don't understand what she is doing doesn't mean it's stupid. If you don't agree, don't give money. There is a concept of "support" within the church if you support what the person is doing (the actual purpose of the mission, not just the travelling itself). It is along the lines of the idea of community and that none of our money is particularly our own, but ours to steward for God and his kingdom. I understand why this doesn't make sense to you, but I don't think that's an excuse to be a jerk about it. If you really care, ask her.

    1. Nobody implied that it was stupid except you.

      Support exists within the church, sure. But a person who just spent 4-5 years on education, paying it off, getting a degree, a car and a job should be in the least likely place to quit, and ask people for money. Especially for something as trivial as a mission. This isn't cancer. This isn't saving other people's lives. This is asking for money. And she may well receive money from people who are far less fortunate than her.

      No, it does make total sense to me. Take other people's money to go do your own thing instead of earning it like the rest of us.

    2. The idea of a mission, is to share the gospel and about Jesus which is what saves people's lives. And this to me is life or death, because eternal life is what matters. So, this is why it doesn't make sense in the same way to me or you. A mission is not trivial to everyone. And people that actually want to give money usually have faith in a God that cares about you and wants to provide for you. That means that if you are the one that is "less fortunate" you aren't concerned about not having enough.