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Updated on Monday, May 25


OMG: What is "Overseer at Waterloo" and why does he/she/it add my Facebook account to course Facebook groups? Kinda irks me that the University is crawling into Facebook to make sure we're not doing anything wrong.


  1. Never heard of/experienced this.

  2. I encountered this in a few classes last is not the school at all. They are a group of students, and when asked who, they refuse to disclose who they are. They aren't a FEDs group or anything...just some friends who have taken it upon themselves to run online course study groups.

    My class had an issue with them answering student questions on the group, and the students assuming it was the teacher answering.

  3. They're a group of guys using Facebook to creep UW girls, exact same thing with mentioned UW or whatever.

  4. Reported the account and FB seems to have deleted it.