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Updated on Monday, May 25


-->Transferring from UW to an Ivy league school in the fall. 
About 25% of the school is studying some variation of Sociology/Women's/Ethnic/African/Asian/Middle East/Jewish Studies, and they've got to be some of the most angry and toxic people I've ever seen.

Give me some ignorant engineers or some anti-social mathies or some arrogant CS students any day. Better than the constant venom being spewed towards anyone who's white OR male OR disagrees with them. Like a circlejerk with sanding gloves on.

Thank God I'm non-white.

P.S. Love you UWaterloo. We bitch and moan all the time and OMGUW is a cesspool of trolls, but I'd still take the people here any day.


  1. Trust me, ivy has way more stupid liberals than uw.

  2. Yeah man fucking Harvard kids are so stupid aren't they.........

  3. Then don't transfer.