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Updated on Tuesday, May 19


OMG: ***k her right in the ****y'

I'm sure everyone has heard about his by now. The two idiots that defended they guy saying that are in deep crap. One of them has already been fired. It's a stupid, vulgar thing to say; I wouldn't say it, even if I was shitfaced. HOWEVER they weren't the ones who said it; they just stated in not so many words that it was funny after they were approached by the reporter. I think firing them is a little over the top don't you think?


  1. Not really... no company wants to be associated with the idiocy as clearly demonstrated by these individuals.

  2. Supporting it is as bad as saying it.
    I'm sure their female co workers are relieved that they're gone. If they'll say that to a stranger on TV, what will they say to those they know?

    1. Probably not much, tbh. We have more social constraints when relating to colleagues and acquaintances we see every day than we do with a random stranger who we'll likely never see again.

      That said, if you're going to be a drunk idiot, being the sort of drunk idiot who says a vulgar thing on cable tv is definitely a really bad idea, and getting fired for it is totally justified. 1 got it right - no business wants to be associated with that sort of person.

  3. OP the private sector's different. If he were UW staff, UW wouldn't even comment let alone fire him.