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Updated on Tuesday, May 19


OMG: Is it really that hard to find a coop in EB? What is the actual employment rate for last year?


  1. pretty sure no one here knows what EB is..

  2. Hahaha environmental studies doesnt matter here. That degree doesnt matter anywhere.

  3. I'm a graduate in EB (well, finishing off my final term doing extra courses for a minor). I know many people in my cohort who got really nice jobs at some large companies such as Samsung, Microsoft (quite a few of them), Motorola, Environment Canada, Transport Canada, just to name a few. I've even heard of someone getting into Wallstreet. A lot of people also worked in public sector like Toronto Hydro, Municipalities, and Hydro One.

    Overall, it's not your degree that defines you. It's what you make of yourself and how you set yourself apart from others which makes you stand out.