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Updated on Monday, May 11


OMG: Waterloo now part of the #HeForShe campaign. Feeling sorry for future undergrads taught by unqualified professors with a pussy pass.


  1. As opposed to the dick ticket which has kept qualified women out of academia for years while giving unqualified men a pass? Sure, bro.

    Of all the professors I've had, I have to say: not a single woman was bad. The men, on the other hand... The standards are not equal across the board.

    Your claim that women are only going to get these spots because of a "pussy pass" is misogynistic as hell.

    1. - unsubstantiated claims, no proof (check)
      - personal experience, most likely exaggerated (check)
      - accusatory and dismissive (check)
      - accuse others of being misogynistic due to differing views (check)

      Congrats! You made the stereotypical SJW posting! Please hit the "x" in top right corner of your screen to collect your prize.

    2. Hey 1a, hate to break it to you, but OP ticks off that entire checklist as well.

      Conclusion: everyone is an asshole.

    3. > accuse others of being misogynistic due to differing views (check)

      Sorry bro, if you think that claiming women are only getting hired because of a "pussy pass" is just a difference of opinion and NOT misogynistic, you might want to look up the definition of misogyny.

    4. @1.c It's quite difficult to look up the definition of misogyny when it's broadened and changed almost daily to suit feminist needs. I'm most likely a misogynist now because I pointed this out.

    5. strawman.
      op didnt say "only". his statement is more existential rather than universal.

    6. ^ claiming *any* profs only got in because of a "pussy pass" is still fucking sexist as hell. You can pound sand all you want in disagreement; doesn't change things. You'd never say your male prof only got in because of a "dick ticket", presumably the point 1 was trying to illustrate.

      1a, you want substantiation? Given your tone, I doubt it, but I'll bite. Gender bias in academia is widely documented and studied.

      John vs. Jennifer study: identical resumes with male vs. female names yield strongly different hiring offers, but the difference is never worded in overtly sexist ways:

      MIT's famous internal review of female faculty, resulting in findings of system-wide sexism:

      A really clever studying demonstrating clear student gender bias in instructor evaluations:


    7. Saying profs only getting in because of a pussy pass is sexist? Its a fucking fact. Literally, we will be valuing professors more just because they have a vagina. Can you deny this? Thats what is fucking sexist.

      The dick ticket doesn't exist (how the fuck could it when we are PURPOSELY NOT HIRING PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A PENIS). Why are women under represented in a STEM school? Because women don't like STEM. Plain and simple, men and women are NOT equal, and there is no reason to expect they like the same subjects, and no reason to believe there is the same amount as qualified women as there are men.

      You people are fucking sexist. Men are under represented in women's studies, why don't you fight for that if you are for equality? Better yet, why not, oh I don't know, actually fight for the idea of men's studies?

      Why don't you fight for more women in construction? Why don't you fight for women to pick up the tab? In world where women are under qualified, why don't you fight for women to work harder instead simply lowering the bar?

      Oh right, you don't mention the hard shit because you want men to do it. You want men to pay because you want to have your shit given to you. You want us to lower the bar for women because you don't want to have to put in the effort to be as qualified as them.

      See, thats what the pussy pass is. You call this equality, but it sure as fuck doesn't look like it.

    8. g: why did you ignore all the studies that 1f posted that demonstrate bias against equally qualified women? You are claiming that women are being valued extra because of their gender, but the studies pretty clearly show that they are actually valued much less.

      I'd like to think you're an intelligent individual, so why are you fixating on your perceptions of women's preferences rather than evaluating the available data? That seems very anti-STEM to me.

    9. Because those studies fail to identify the root of the problem.

      Gender bias does not come from nowhere, we dont have it from birth. We learn it from experience.

      Women are, sorry to say, less competent than men in general. So when you see a female name you are forced to make a judgement call based (unfortunately for women) on the past behaviour of your gender.

      I don't have any comment on those studies because their results are reasonable (but their interpretations by feminists are not). Of course male names are given better treatment; they are generally more competent human beings.

    10. 1i, "women are, sorry to say, less competent than men in general."

      ummm... WHAT? As a male, I resent this statement. Where the fuck does that idea even COME from?

      ...Oh wait, you're trolling. That's the only possible explanation. Alright then.

    11. Is it really that hard to admit? Its basic evolution and biology dude.

      All throughout history, to survive males had to be ones that hunt, gather, protect, work, build, reason, discover, fight, fuck, and discipline themselves.

      The best women were the ones that nurtured babies.

      Why is it so hard to believe that these traits carried on? Why is it so hard to believe men are still more comptetent at those types of things?

      But you'll believe feminists when they say the primal male urge to fuck is as strong as ever #rapeculture.


    12. Seriously not how evolution works dude. But congrats on insulting every female soldier, teacher, athlete, world leader, and executive out there.

  2. every incompetent and biased professor I've ever had has been female

    1. The only professor I had that had a mental breakdown and starting crying because students were talking was female.

      The only blatantly sexist prof I had was female (fun being a male in that class).

      The only prof I had whose section was 20% under the course average was female.

      And these were 3 different people. Female professors are already shit here, can't wait for more.

    2. You can have over 40 profs during your university career. Trying to build a statistical case from 3 is not very scientific.

      Unfortunately for me, I only had two in my entire academic career. Pretty sad. Would really have liked to see more. 38-2 is pathetic. But those two female profs were among the top 5 I had, for sure. Does my anecdote cancel out yours?

    3. 2b

      It depends, are you female? In which case, your anecdote can be discarded immediately.

      You have to admit men are more logical, and women are more emotional.

      Men rate their profs on an honest logical scale: when I say he prof was shit, the prof was shit on an objective scale.

      Women rate their profs based on their "feelings": when they say a female prof was good, theu only "feel" that way in the moment because they felt comfort just because the prof was female, no actual relation to their teaching abilities

  3. The "pussy pass" thing has some truth to it, currently the pool of qualified to be professor females is smaller than the same pool of males, and if all industries suddenly implemented a 50/50 gender ratio policy, you would definitely see incompetent women in positions they do not deserve. This actually became a problem in Germany when they tried to do this (according to a German friend of mine currently living in Cologne).

    1. I might also be mixing up conversations with friends, but it was either my German friend or one of my many Nordic friends.