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Updated on Monday, May 11


OMG: I didn't get accepted to engineering because of the unreal competition. I'm starting to have thoughts of suicide...any help?


  1. Get over it?

    I don't say this without sympathy. Many of us didn't get into our top schools. But honestly, if you're good, it doesn't matter where you go, especially if you're in Canada. The name on your diploma can't make up for your hard work.

    You'll be okay. If you really have your heart set on Waterloo, try transferring in your upper years. But really, this is not the end of the world.

    It's okay to be disappointed! This is normal and you should spend some time being upset. But don't make it a matter of life or death---this is not the end, it's barely the beginning!

  2. In all honesty, Waterloo isn't that great. We have awesome coop and great student teams. Now the things that suck: a lot of us engineering kids are weirdos, there are way less parties here than most schools, the profs rarely speak English, we pay a fuck ton in tuition, theres no school spirit, the student government is un-engaging, and geese shit on everything so you can't even sit down on campus. The list goes on.

    Most engineering programs have co-op nowadays. That's really all you need. Mac, Queens, Western are all fine schools.

    The thought of anyone considering suicide over not getting into Waterloo makes me sick. This school has way less to offer than you think.

  3. Actually a lot of engineering students have committed suicide in the past over failing out. So its prob a good thing you didn't get in

  4. You can take my spot. After 2 years here, I wish I had picked Queens. I hate Waterloo, you're not missing out

  5. We are here for you OP. Honestly sometimes these things just happen. It is like a blunder in the road. The fact that you even applied to a highly competitive program like Waterloo engineering means you are a talented person. I dropped out after my first year of engineering because I just learned it wasn't for me. Just like everybody else said, Waterloo is not that great. Maybe this was meant to happen? Maybe you'll end up loving your university, wherever you go!

  6. I finished Waterloo engineering and it is ridiculously overrated. I ended up working the same shitty classical engineering jobs with people from Mac, Queens, Western, UofT. Professional engineering in Canada is a dead end. It's a mature industry with low margins and little growth opportunities. You are better off directly going into CS at any fine institution in Canada. I know UOttawa kids working at Dropbox. I know UW is really good as marketing themselves as exclusive, but they're bluffing. Call their bluff. Kick ass somewhere that wants you.

  7. Work in retail.

    I'm not even kidding. You think the competition is bad now? It's only going to get worse. The job market is so saturated that many people are having to take retail jobs just to survive. Face the fact that you have been lied to your whole life as have so many others. Hard work does not equal getting to be whatever you want when you grow up. Not when there are more qualified people than there are positions.

    Get a retail job. This is the future of most university grads these days.

  8. seeing as math/engineering programs tart out with like 4-5 k students and only end up with 1-2 k graduating, out of which i would say only a third or a quarter of those 1-2K have a real shot of making any impact, I would say you got cut early on and you suck.

  9. get over it.. waterloo is not the only option.