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Updated on Tuesday, May 5


OMG: I got a Good for my first coop evaluation. How badly will this affect my chances of getting interviews?


  1. I got a good on my last coop. Last term I had 12 interviews and I landed a sweet job. Nobody asked about it at all. I think they realize they're highly subjective.

  2. Prepare for a life of unemployment my friend

  3. A "good"?

    Too bad man. This is pretty much the end for you. Highly recommend you pick up some camping gear or a big box before the bank comes to repo all of your possessions. It's probably a good idea to leave the country as well, you just don't know who will be around since this is a pretty big deal for you.

    Get street smart, and do it fast. They are fast approaching, and the end is nigh for you. Have you received the call from the UW President formally kicking you out of your program? If not, that will occur soon. Don't anger him. He feeds on your anger.

    I'd offer you a place to stay once everything goes down, but there's no way I can be associated with someone who is "good". Completely unreasonable. What kind of fucking slacker are you anyways? I digress; RIP OP, you're in my thoughts.

  4. Ur fucked mate.