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Updated on Tuesday, May 19


OMG: To the Asian couple in econ 321 who spend the entire class eating, talking, or in the case of the girl, making fucking ART CRAFTS (e.g. origami and fortune tellers), why do you even fucking come to class? You just annoy annoying the shit out of everyone. Just stay home, you can have your hour long conversations there you inconsiderate fucks.


  1. Instructor here. It's unbelievably frustrating to see people messing around in class. I've had to tell people to stop talking, watching Youtube videos (!) and playing WoW during lecture. Why even bother to come to class if you aren't going to pay attention? It disrupts the other <250+ students who all paid tuition to be there. /soapbox

    1. Don't be jealous if I ace your classes while doing all of that. Azn pride.

    2. Aced it because it's been dumbed down to accommodate rich, moronic international students. Way to go ace!

  2. I prefer to do macaroni pictures in my classes.