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Updated on Thursday, April 23


OMG: A shining example of the kind of BS that proliferates at university. How the hell do these people even get jobs, let alone keep them?

Referring to the Winnipeg Jets fans' 'Katy Perry' when Corey Perry is on the ice.

University of Winnipeg women’s studies professor Fiona Green said the chant was offside.

"In patriarchal society within which most of us live females are not valued as much as males,” said Green “A way to get at a man's manhood, or his masculinity, or his virility or his power is to knock him by calling him a female in some way."

Seruiously, shut the fuck up.


  1. Gender studies should be put back in to the basement of colleges where it belongs.

    1. I third the motion. Talk about drivel.

  2. I can't tell from your comment what side you are even on...

  3. Much projection. Such banality.

  4. 3edg.... ah fuck it

  5. Green just wants to seem relevant.

  6. Well it just doesn't sound right chanting Matthew Perry.

  7. Considering that Katy Perry would never have felt gratified in any way from being called Corey Perry, I don't see how the argument can be valid