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Updated on Thursday, April 23


OMG: The anxiety and stress is starting to get the better of me to the point of which I've had a few breakdowns and I'm now onto the I don't give a flying... about anything.


  1. only when you have given up all your wants are you free from the invisible shackles that bind you to the physical world and reach nirvana: the state of mind where you can roam the universe, flowing with the ripples of space and time with as much grace as an interstellar dolphin.

  2. ur at the point where ppl start taking weed

  3. You can swear here. We're big grown ups.

  4. I knwo what you mean... hang in there!

  5. Perhaps it is too late to offer advice, but for the future when you feel very stressed to the point of breaking down this might help.

    Write down all your stresses, all your issues on a piece of paper, empty out all your thoughts, and then tuck the paper away somewhere. Hide it.

    Next, give yourself some time to completely let go of all stress. Portion off 4 hours some morning, for example, and do things you enjoy without thinking one bit about the cause of your stresses. Clear your mind, take a walk in nature, paint, listen to music. The point is to enter a deliberate state of no-mind.

    At the end of your meditation session, pull out that paper again and look it over. Momentarily ponder the worst case scenario. If you see yourself still alive, still with a family, still with enough resources for food and housing for at least the next little while, and not in any life threatening danger, then good. You will be okay.

    Think of direct and applicable ways to overcome the situations you are currently in. Break it down into steps that you can follow. Write them down.

    There, you've identified your issues, you've calmed down enough to have a clear mind, you've realized that "This too, shall pass", and you've come up with steps to overcome your challenges. Now, follow those steps. Do the best you can. Give yourself enough time at the end of the day to re-enter the state of no-mind, the state of mind where you deliberately do not allow yourself to get worked up about the situations of life you are currently in. Do something enjoyable. Eat a pleasant meal. See a friend. Play a videogame. But do it deliberately. "I am doing this to relax. I know what I have to do to overcome my challenges, I did the best I can today, and I will do the best I can tomorrow, and the next day". This is important because we are not machines, we need time to reflect, time to wind down, time to enjoy life without stress because without a calm mind, even the most trivial situation can seem so overwhelming.

    If you have family, call them. If you are still lost, see a counselor, they are very helpful. I've heard good things about the student success office.

    You can climb any mountain you set your mind too, and with the right approach even the tallest mountain can seem do-able.

  6. I know how you feel..I'm forced to deal with difficult people continously and stress is driving me insane. I feel so fucking powerless to do anything because I'm forced to deal with these morons....Sometimes you just gotta let go of everything, take a breather, and you'll be able to put things in perspective. Go outside, and take a long nowhere. You can never be lose if you know who you are. Only you can light your own way in the darkness...