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Updated on Tuesday, April 21


OMG: Let's clear up the "Does x race find y race sexually attractive?" question. Here is your answer: The majority of people will tend to date within their race for a number of sociocultural reasons, as well as proximity. Most people who don't have a stick up their ass are willing to consider dating someone outside their race. You want to date someone of a different race, go make some friends of that race, your odds will go up significantly.


  1. Fucking fail. You didnt answer the question. What you find attractive is a different question than what you "tend to date".

    I'd agree with you that people tend to date within their race.

    The answer to what race is found attractive? White people. Sorry, thats the answer. The data is out there if you want to see for yourself, but most "every race is equal" type retards dont care about evidence anyway.

    1. A white country has white as the top race? WHO KNEW. Like GO TO CHINA AND FIND THAT ASIAN IS THE TOP? Mindblown. /s

    2. Lol are you kidding? White guys have no problem finding girls in China. Go to a club and the girls swarm you.

  2. ^ except no, even non white countries find whites more attractive.

    Its called facts people, fuck, you obviously have the internet at your disposal to take one google search before you open your dumbass mouth


  4. So attractiveness for people you don't know is different than attractiveness for people you do know. Also, racism does play into things, but that is an aside. I find it difficult to find black people attractive because I am too busy dealing with residual effects of my father's racist attitudes (I feel uncomfortable interacting with black people because my father would always tell us to be careful what we say around them as they take everything too personally). While I know it is not the case that black people take things too personally, I feel uncomfortable interacting with black people for that reason.

    Do keep in mind that if a black person takes something too personally, THERE IS PROBABLY A VERY GOOD REASON FOR IT!


  5. Generally fairness is equated with more social power and this is coming from a brown dude. That being said I am from a part of India where people are sometimes whiter than white people.