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Updated on Tuesday, April 21


OMG: I hate when parents, family, friends, etc. all try to get you to date and marry because "you're that age now." Nah. No thanks.


  1. You do me and I do you, poke your mons! Gotta fuck 'em all.

  2. We should come up with good responses for these people.

    - Age is just a number, I'll find someone and settle down on my own terms. Thank you.

    - I can't date and marry right now because I'm too busy pursuing my dreams as a full-time treehouse dweller.

  3. Especially if you're some fat bitch. Like seriously, give her some advice that will help.

  4. >Not telling them you're squatting with a 93 year-old who is ready to die and leave you the inheritance.

  5. Make a baby itll last longer

  6. ugh this happens a lot more after you've graduated and you can't exactly tell them about your tinder "dates"

    1. "dates" as in you're embarrassed by the fact you're using internet technology to find a mate? or "dates" as in you use internet technology to find people to give it up to because you're easy?