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Updated on Sunday, April 19


OMG: As a past volunteer for the Feds Food Bank, I really appreciate all of the End-of-the-Term donations that are received each term. However, please do not treat the FB as a garbage disposal to dump whatever unwanted -OPENED- food into.

For one instance, the FB received melted ice cream in the donation bin and it took the volunteers extra time to clean up the spill and we had to throw away contaminated donations since the ice cream melted through boxes. Please be sensible and think if the food (or toiletry) you're donating can actually be used by others before donating it to the FB. Thank you!

P.S. Unfortunately, we cannot shelf opened food items due to possible contamination issues!


  1. Fucking scumbags, the icecream was meant as a reward for the hard work you do, and THIS is how you treat it?!?

  2. Thank you for all the awesome deeds, OP.

    Just wondering, when does this kind of volunteer work usually happen? Where can I register to join?

    Also, can I donate unopened beverages?

    1. The Food Bank takes volunteers typically at the beginning of the term. You can email to sign up. They will also be at the Campus Life Fair on May 13th in the Great Hall. Volunteers typically sign up for shifts for the office for the first term they get involved. After that, people like the OP who is likely an exec or coordinator are hired typically during the middle of the term prior, so for the fall they will be hiring in July.

      Not sure on the beverages, but typically things like that are ok.

  3. Either the ice cream was a shitty prank or the "donor" is really, really stupid. Either way it's not funny. A waste of the other items that were damaged and a waste of volunteer time to clean it up.

  4. Holy shit... it's like "Ice Cream" and "Melt" didn't occur for some person. Makes you wonder how they get into university.