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Updated on Tuesday, April 14


OMG: The SLC Timmies promote the "Double Double VISA" card, yet they only accept cash, watcard, debit. Okay...


  1. Tim's corporate requires them to advertise it.

    1. Then shouldn't corporate force them to accept visa?

    2. I agree, they do some stupid things, stupid things with obvious solutions. You know the entire reason the line takes so much longer to get through now is the corporate side of things required them to renovate, and the renovation actually made it more difficult to put food together. Oh, it also added menu items that take even more time than regular menu items. Throw in that this location gets some of the highest foot traffic of all Tim Horton's locations and does not have the physical space to accommodate that traffic.

      Honestly, I have been to Timmies like twice this term, because it just cannot handle the number of people it gets, we need a better solution.